Regular hand disinfection is recommended by the federal government.

TOPP offers a disinfection column with a foot pedal for dispensing so that touching a handle is not required. This allows both hands to be disinfected at the same time. A drip pan keeps things tidy.

The column’s modern, clear lines make it easy to clean.

Your name is applied to each column for promotional purposes. An optional information board or tablet can be added.

This disinfection column is designed to serve as an appealing, positive WELCOME for your customers in addition to ensuring hand hygiene.

Disinfection column price (plus VAT as required by law)
1 unit 450,00 EUR/each
10 or more units 395,00 EUR/each
Insertable frame 49,00 EUR/each
Disinfectant price
1 unit 1,0 l on request
1 container (12 x 1,0 l) on request
1 canister 5,0 l on request

TOPP - benefits

  • Shapely disinfection column made of aluminium profiles and aluminium/Dibond panels
  • Easy to clean
  • Personalised with engraved name
  • Foot pedal operation for:
    • Simultaneous disinfection of both hands
    • No hand contact with actuating lever
    • No downtime, e.g. for battery replacement
  • Column enclosed on all sides, protected against disinfectant theft
  • Fill level indicator


  • Insertable frame, e.g. for special promotions
  • Insertable frame for tablet


Base 45 x 45 cm · Column 146 x 33 cm